The Lesson of the Swan

about lynn Feb 28, 2019

I Love my logo The Swan.


Let me tell you my swan story. My reason for choosing this magnificent bird is that I fell in love after seeing them in person when I was traveling overseas in 2007. I only now have actually learned what a majestic bird the swan is. My Fascination with this majestic bird led me to do some research on the swan.  After consulting the Encyclopedia Britannica, I learned that the swan is the largest of all waterfowl species. They migrate in a V-formation at great heights and no other waterfowl moves as fast on the water or in the air. I also found it very interesting that they pair for many years. Most mate for life. If you have ever had the opportunity to observe a swan in flight or gliding gracefully on a body of water, I’m sure you can agree that the swan is a beautiful and graceful bird.  Their long, elegant necks and beautiful plumage make them a sight to behold.                                                      


In my further research, what I really found fascinating about swans was the amount of symbolic meaning associated with this majestic bird. Because swans mate for life they are often considered a symbol of love, devotion, and partnership. They are also symbolic of motherhood. They display their “motherly” love in the way they care for and ferociously protect their young. The courage to protect that which we love is a lesson to be learned from the swan. The most familiar symbolic meaning associated with the swan comes from "The Tale of the Ugly Duckling" written by Hans Christian Anderson. It is a tale of transformation. Labeled from birth as an ugly duckling but having the heart of a swan, he is cast aside.  After growing strong under the care of humans, he is set free and sees his reflection in the water and realizes that he the graceful swan he always was. The lesson to be learned from this tale is that we need to have faith and a persistent heart when pursuing the gifts that are your birthright.


Be ever conscious of your own inherent power and beauty.

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