Fear of Change

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t fear change? To me, change is most definitely a love and hate relationship. When diving into a place that is scary, some people just put on their big kid pants and get it done, but there are so many of us who struggle to get past the fear. Or how about the few of us who do accept change, and we change ourselves only to be ridiculed.

You’ve noticed those toxic people that are waiting for you to screw up. These people only want you to fail because of their own insecurities. You know them, the “I told you so” people. Those jealous ones that love sharing their misery. They want to pull you, drag you, sweet talk you, anything to have you back in the black hole they choose to call home. Do not pay any attention to what they are saying.

Change is inconvenient. When change comes it often begins with very hard deliberate work. Truly, good things don’t always come easily to most people, and more than not, change does take...

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You Are Your Own Insurance Policy

Have you ever flown in an airplane?

Everyone is seated, seat belts fastened, cell phones on airplane mode, hand luggage secured under the seat in front of you, and the flight attendants take the center aisle giving instructions in the case of an emergency. The most important survival instruction she gives is to make sure to use your oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others.

You must take care of yourself first!

Taking care of yourself is a learned process... myself included. I learned this first hand going through the beginning stages of the recovery process.  If I did not take care of myself and got sick again, who would take care of my children?  I struggled with being a mom and always being the caregiver, not only for my children but also for my challenged mother for many, many years.  I was holding a full-time job along with school activities, homework, gymnastics, my exercise class, appointments, dinners, lunches .......... shall I...

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Jumpstart Your Recovery with Healthy Eating


Eating healthy in your recovery plays a very important part in gaining ground fast.  This can be challenging, but it is so much fun finding new foods to eat to help replenish and nourish your body.  This will also help sidetrack your brain.  We know that addiction alters your brain chemistry, so when removing the addiction, your body still craves the addictive substance.  

For example, those who suffer from alcohol addiction, their brains still crave the rush of copious amounts of alcohol being converted into sugar.  Your body then gets the sense of feeling full which ends up being from unwholesome empty calories.  Combined with an unhealthy diet, it could lead to malnutrition and other health issues.  Now we need to replace these empty calories from all that nutrient-deficient sugar with nutrient-dense sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.  

So a tip to remember!  Out of the energy sources we consume, (i.e....

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